With any remodeling or building project, you have a lot on your mind. And no one likes to spend the time and the energy it takes to complete these tasks only to come up results that are less than desirable. So if you have decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, and you’ve been toying with the idea of marble countertops but can’t decide if it’s the right choice for you, there are few things you should consider.

How Much Maintenance Does Marble Require?

A marble countertop is going to need a little care, just like any countertop will. You will want to be sure to protect it from direct heat, such as setting a pot straight off the stove on it. You’ll want to use a large potholder or trivet to place hot pots and pans on, or you can just leave them on the stove until they cool down.

You will also want to protect your counter with coasters, and be sure that you wipe up spills as they occur. It is also not a good idea to chop food directly on the marble. This type of basic care is something most people naturally practice, even if they don’t have too. So for most, this is not difficult and is not heavily weighed into their decision of whether to go with marble or not.

You will want to reseal your marble every now and again, and use cleaners that are designed for it. However, you can just use warm water and a soft cloth to wipe down messes if you prefer. You will want to avoid cleaners with acid in them and vinegar mixtures. There are a lot of resources out there that can teach you techniques and natural ways to clean marble.

How Long Will My Marble Counters Last?

Marble can last forever with the proper care, and looks absolutely stunning in a kitchen or bathroom. Plus, with the different types of marble available it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that you love in your price range. The fact that it lasts for a lifetime adds value to your home and saves you money. You can also use it for more than just a counter top. Marble is also used for flooring, to cover kitchen islands, hot plates, and more.

What Are Some Other Benefits to Using Marble in My Kitchen?

Marble will only get better with age, plus if you have a counter top with unique design, marble can easily manage to fit those difficult and odd corners. It also stays nice and cool, so it is extremely easy on days that you are baking.

Marble has a beautiful look to it that just can’t be duplicated. It will add an element of luxury and elegance to your kitchen. With the proper care, you may never choose another material again to line your counter tops. If you think this exquisite rock is right for your home improvement project, call or come by to choose your stone so you can begin to enjoy the variety of designs and colors that marble has to offer.