Creama Marfil

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Dark Emperador Marble

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Fantasy Brown Marble

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White Carrera

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Marble has been used for thousands of years as a solid and beautiful material for both structures and creating masterpieces of art. Because of its natural beauty and beautiful color variations it has been valued for its timeless appearance.

Once only found in homes of the wealthy elite, now because of improved accessibility, marble countertops are available for even modest budgets. Marble adds a look of sophisticated elegance to any home’s kitchen or bath and can be used with multiple design styles.

Found in multiple regions throughout the world, marble was created by the physical or chemical alteration of sediment into dense stone through heat and/or pressure. It is a crystallized metamorphic stone with veins of mineral deposits that lend each slab a unique pattern and beauty.

Marble countertops are versatile and can be used in all types of homes. The stone is heat-resistant and usually will not chip or dent. However, because it is more porous than its cousin granite, marble can be more prone to staining. It may also etch or scratch more easier as well. This means we recommend a honed or matte finish in areas of high use or traffic and a polished finish only in areas that receive a lighter use.

Available in multiple color and pattern veriations, marble can be found in hues of black, gray, pink, green and of course, white. White marble remains the most popular choice for vanity, countertops and backsplash material – probably because of the versatility.