Just below the Texas panhandle, nestled amongst the short shrubs, tall grasses and near-desert scape, is a quaint town called Lubbock. Of course with a population of over two hundred and forty thousand residents, it would be classified as more of a city than a town. So in that case, this city consists of mostly those best suited for city life and not so much for living in the sticks. Also, the majority of Lubbock TX residents are on the younger side of the scale with an almost 50/50 split ratio men to women.

Named after a Texas Ranger named Thomas Lubbock and his brother, who also happened to be the Governor of Texas during the Civil War, Francis R. Lubbock. Founded in 1876 and incorporated in March of 1909 when the railway finally reached the area.

When most people hear “Texas” they probably think of oil fields, endless rolling brown hills and cattle farms. But this more central area of the United States proves to be a bit different than that. It is home to a geographical phenomenon called Llano Estacado, which is fancy for Staked Plain. Standing on the ground and looking out in any direction, you probably wouldn’t realize that you are on one of the largest tablelands, or mesas, on the North American continent because it slopes only 10 feel every 100 miles. I bet if you had something huge and round and set it down, it would not stand still but roll in the direction of the slope. Kind of like the floor of a very old house.

Due to the fact that Lubbock is a major education, economic and health care hub of the region, it is often referred to as Hub City. It offers one of the best technical schools in the country – Texas Tech University. In keeping up with that same brilliance, the Texas Tech University Medical Center in also located in Lubbock, offering some of the most advanced medical care in the country.

Throughout history and in its prime, Lubbock was deemed the largest cotton producer in the world. With drought gripping many parts of the nation, this cash crop’s future is being threatened. Quick thinking by local government and agricultural officials may be able to save this very valuable resource. Pipelines are being constructed to carry water back into the region.

Unfortunately, Lubbock has gone from one of the most prosperous and upcoming places to live to the second most dangerous city in Texas. Crime seems to be in abundance here. But if you stay on your toes and keep up with that kickboxing gym membership you should have nothing to worry about.

In addition to the railways, cattle trade and cotton farming, the music industry has also played a big role in putting Lubbock, Texas on the map. In 1936 the very great and famous Buddy Holly (known as Charles Hardin Holley in his younger years) was born in Lubbock and also made his musical début there. Making great use of that fact, the city used to put on the annual Buddy Holly music festival, which lost its iconic title after the wife of Buddy Holly increased the fees for the usage of his name. Sadly it is now known as simply the Lubbock Music Festival. Mama always said two things. The first thing is if you have nothing to say then don’t say anything at all. The second thing is that greed will get you nowhere. .

For the more modern minded music lovers, another great talent that derived from the Lubbock area was super peppy sound of The Dixie Chicks.

There is alot to do and see in a town of this size. One of the favorites of visitors and residents alike is a now world famous place known as Prairie Dog Town. This fun place to visit is offered free of charge by the City and was established in the early 1930’s. Because the prairie dog is a native animal to this part if the country, they are made to feel right at home in their caged in and recently renovated grasslands and underground tunnels.

It might seem as though this city is tucked away and few people have ever heard of it. However, enough great things have taken place here that by now everyone should know about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lubbock, Texas.