Pinnacle Granite Solutions is affiliated with the following organizations:

National Association of Homebuilders
NAHB is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority. Since 1942, NAHB has been serving its members, the housing industry, and the public at large.

Big Country Homebuilders Association - Abilene Area
The BCHBA is affiliated with the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. It is a voluntary organization striving to build positive and responsible growth in the home building industry. We provide the opportunity for our members to display their products and services and invite the public to examine them.
West Texas Homebuilders Association – Lubbock Area
The West Texas Home Builders Association (WTHBA), a trade Association affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Texas Association of Builders, has represented the industry since 1948.
Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma – Oklahoma City Area
The Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma (BASCO) has been a community leader since 1949 and serves its members in many ways. We seek to inform members of ongoing changes in the industry as well as improvements in construction materials and techniques through local, state and national educational programs.